About Us
GM furniture Co-Ltd is a large modernized household and office furniture manufacturer with a history of more than 20 years.it'sbrandGM has been unique and reputed in the industryfor pioneering,quality manufacturing as well as excellent before-sale,in sale and after-sale services.The campany is a large household and office enterprise integrating design,manufature and office enterprise and marketing of medrn furniture.GM furniture has advanced wooden and metal furniture production lines with machin imported from European countries.

the 21st centuryhas arrived and we will keep close pace with the times.We will as always persue the principle of a high taste and high quality,and create tides of national industry development together with you.

GM and its objectives

GM furniture is elemental to economic and social development.From its very beginig it has been providing quality furiniture at low cost price.Over the past few years we reached high stage manufacturing development through the reliability,diligence and dedication of our employees.The factory production is enhanced by highly skilled personnel and modernĀ machinery.We believe our products being will benefit the society and the country.